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  1. Corporate Reputation Management Pricing

    Today, anything can be published online. Has your business been, or have the potential to be, scrutinized in a negative light? It could be negative reviews, untrue allegations, or worse. Instead of simply hiding these negative results, WebFX's online reputation management services ensures these words don't go viral.

    Qualified Leads Generated

    Improve Your Company's Online Reputation

    Are you seeing an influx in negative reviews? Are recent product recalls or defects causing a crisis for your brand on social media? Or has someone published something untrue about your company that is getting more attention than it should?

    No matter the source, it's there and it's ruining your company's good name. Even if you don't see it, your target audience is finding it. And it could be costing your company a significant amount of business. One negative link under your company's name can do considerable damage.

    When you work with WebFX, you get:

    • A dedicated point of contact trained and experienced in white hat reputation management tactics
    • A range of options for how to approach your company's specific reputation needs
    • Competitive pricing designed to keep your business in the black as we work

    Explanation: What is reputation management?

    Before we get into pricing, it's important we take a closer look at reputation management. Just what is it, exactly?

    Reputation management is the process of improving your company's status among Internet users, specifically in Google search results, online reviews, and other high-traffic areas online.

    To take that point a step further, here are 10 examples of reputation management services and the value they offer your business.

    Video: Online Review Management

    Jazmin De Jesus, social media specialist at WebFX, discusses online review management.

    10 reputation management examples

    Service Example
    Service Value
    1. Saturating search results Suppressing negative news by publishing positive content that fills Google search results
    2. Monitoring search results Watching Google search results to make sure they constantly show your business in a positive light
    3. Optimizing social media Leveraging free profiles to fill Google search results for your brand name
    4. Owning social media Controlling the conversations people have about your brand on social networks
    5. Promoting your brand Advocating your business and its website on other powerful websites to build brand awareness and positive press
    6. Reworking search results Exercising multiple strategies to dramatically alter search results
    7. Distinguishing executive reputation Promoting articles and blog posts that positively showcase corporate leadership
    8. Developing multimedia Crafting photos and videos to rank your business in multimedia-specific search results
    9. Communicating openly Reporting to you on what we want to do, what we did, how it worked, if it worked, and more on a regular basis
    10. Tracking results Showing you where your money has gone and how it's helped build your online reputation

    Note: These are only examples. Your reputation management plan, costs, and results will vary depending on the custom package designed for your company's specific needs.

    Get My Free Quote!

    Now, let's talk specifics. Whether your company is under fire from a competitor or someone's publishing a bad review on every website they can find, you need to fight back.

    All of our reputation management services are designed to do exactly that so you can take control of your online reputation and rebuild it, brick by brick.

    For a list of our most popular reputation management packages, check out the pricing table below.

    And remember — if one of these packages doesn't exactly fit your needs, we're happy to create a custom plan!

    Reputation management pricing & packages

    1st Page
    3rd Page
    1st Page
    3rd Page
    Features Company
    1st Page
    3rd Page
    1st Page
    3rd Page
    Phrases protected & monitored 1 1 8 8
    Search positions protected & monitored 1 to 10 1 to 30 1 to 10 1 to 30
    Dedicated account representative
    Up to two personal consultations per month
    Development of micro-sites
    Article submissions
    Press releases
    Social media bookmarking
    Social media profiles
    Facebook - setup/enhance & promotion
    Twitter - setup/enhance & promotion
    Flickr - setup/enhance & promotion
    YouTube - setup/enhance & promotion
    LinkedIn - setup/enhance & promotion
    Business profile linking
    Forum profiles
    Forum comments
    Creation of Ning social network
    Squidoo lens
    Hub page creation
    Blog comments
    Development of micro-blogs
    Blog setup    
    Blog network distribution    
    Blog RSS directory submission    
    Blog RSS distribution    
    Google profiles    
    Yahoo answers (Q/A)    
    Photo sharing    
    Forum site reviews with aged accounts      
    Customer reviews      
    Power point submissions      
    Video submissions      
    Video promotion      
    Guest blogger posts (Compliant with new SEC guidelines)      
    Additional unlisted link building strategies    
    1 Hour Consultation with WebFX, Inc. CEO
    Monthly account reporting
    Online tracking system access & notification
    Optional PPC management for protected phrases (PPC network spend paid by client)
    200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
    One time campaign investment (2 month duration): $7,500 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
    Progressive monthly reputation management (Min 6 month duration): $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,500

    These prices are all well and good — but what if you want to be proactive?

    Proactive reputation management means you take control of your online notoriety before it ever falls into the wrong hands. By being proactive, you can prevent future reputation crises and ensure the best sides of your business shine through in search results.

    At WebFX, we use the following strategies to maintain the hard-earned reputation you've built during your time in business.

    Proactive reputation management pricing & packages

    Market Leader
    Features Basic Market Leader
    Phrases continually monitored 1 8
    Dedicated account representative
    Up to two personal consultations per month
    Ongoing social media bookmarking
    Ongoing wiki writing and submissions
    Business profile linking
    Ongoing review site profile creation and monitoring
    Ongoing forum profiles
    Ongoing photo sharing
    Ongoing video sharing
    Quarterly link building positive content
    Ongoing press releases  
    Continued development of microsites  
    200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
    Setup cost: (waived if already a reputation management customer) $2,000 $3,000
    Monthly cost: $350 $550

    How to earn 11.5x more customers

    Believe it or not, 92% of consumers check online reviews before buying.

    So if you have a negative reputation online, you're probably losing 92 customers you could have for every eight you get.

    But there's a silver lining — that means you could increase your sales by 11.5 times your current amount, assuming you're only earning 8% of your potential customers.

    That's the bottom line for corporate reputation management. You could be earning so much more. You could be beating your competitors so much more. You could be thriving online if only your customers didn't see the bad things people have said about you online.

    Fight back — and win

    By choosing a corporate reputation plan from WebFX, your company straps on the gloves, gets in the ring, and starts throwing punches.

    Every time you throw a new punch, you don't just take down an unfair review — you make it harder for new unfair reviews to get seen.

    That's the foundation of WebFX's approach to reputation management. We go on the offense while building up your defense so you can come out the gate swinging and relax once you've won.

    Then, we keep an eye on your online reputation to make sure all that negativity doesn't come back. And if it does, we deal with it as quickly as possible.

    In other words, reputation management keeps your company strong against incoming attacks. We have your back, and that means making you look as good as possible online.

    Some of our client Successes

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    Ocean City NJ paddle boat
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    “We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

    Bill Craig
    WebFX President

    Bill Craig
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    The "big 3" crucial websites for reputation management

    In addition to your own website, corporate reputation management takes advantage of other key online properties to improve your company's image.

    These three sites also happen to be the three biggest sources of online reviews.

    So what are the three most important sites to reputation management?

    1. Google

    Important Reputation Management Site: Google

    Google is the king of almost all things online — and that includes your company's reputation.

    Google likes to rank websites high when it's sure those websites provide a positive experience to their users.

    Fortunately for you, that means you can get Google to rank your own website by creating an intuitive, easy-to-use website for your visitors.

    Unfortunately, sites like Facebook and Yelp already exist, and they're two of Google's favorite sites in the world.

    That means Facebook and Yelp have an advantage over you when you first make your website. They'll frequently show up in search results for your brand, and they may even beat you for a few months before Google's algorithm figures out it should be ranking you before the review sites it likes so much.

    On top of that, Google is also a review site now. Customers can leave positive and negative feedback for you that shows up right in search results.

    That means if someone's looking at your brand name, they're also looking at your reviews!

    Earning positive reviews on Google is crucial to improving your company's reputation. Remember that 92% of consumers look at online reviews before buying. Since Google is the most popular website on the planet, you can be sure a lot of your customers are checking your reviews there.

    But Google is only the first review site that impacts your company's reputation!

    2. Facebook

    Important Reputation Management Site: Facebook

    Facebook is the world's #1 social network. With more than a billion users, it's safe to assume that a lot of your potential customers will look for you there in addition to Google.

    Controlling your Facebook reputation is a little easier than Google. Just follow these steps:

    1. Set up an account
    2. Fill out all information
    3. Start posting about your business
    4. Respond to comments
    5. Encourage customers to leave reviews

    As you use Facebook, you'll naturally grow a following of dedicated potential customers who want to hear from you.

    Eventually, you'll get a customer complaint. But you can control that by responding to the complaint and addressing its circumstances.

    That shows your customers — especially the complainant — that you care about their feedback, and it passively encourages positive reviews.

    Facebook's reviews are also important because they show up in Google search results as well. So if you have negative Facebook reviews, your potential customers will see those, turn tail, and run.

    That's why it's so important to keep a reputable standing on Facebook. With it, you can convert new customers from social media and search results at the same time.

    With Facebook under control, it's time to jump to the last important site for reputation management — and it's a big one.

    3. Yelp

    Important Reputation Management Site: Yelp

    Yelp was one of the Internet's first websites dedicated to online reviews. Since it's creation, it's grown more influential and powerful with each passing year.

    Today, Yelp is the epicenter of online reviews. Its ratings show up in search results, apps, and dozens of other media formats.

    If you haven't started using Yelp, someone else might've already left you a review and you don't know it! Users can set up your listings for you, which means you need to claim it as quickly as possible.

    You can do that by going to Yelp, looking up your business, and clicking the "Claim" option.

    On the off chance you're not listed on Yelp yet, you can set up your account in a similar fashion.

    Once you own your Yelp listing, you can start responding to reviews that users leave. These include negative and positive reviews since it's important to respond to both types.

    With Yelp on your side, you've taken control of the three major sites that control your reputation online.

    But there's still one big question to answer — why should you choose WebFX?

    WebFX's service rating

    We know a lot about reputation management because we practice it ourselves.

    For verified ratings of our services, check out our

    4.9 Star Rating on Clutch
    WebFX Agency Rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 30 ratings

    Are you ready to improve your company's reputation online?

    The power of positivity

    It's time to make sure everyone online knows your stellar reputation!

    Contact us today to set up your custom reputation management plan today!

    Need our reputation management services? Call 888.449.3239 or contact us online today to begin immediate damage control or prevent any possible attacks on your brand.